Vienna Airport Lines zum Flughafen

Routes & timetables

Fast, direct and comfortable from Vienna Airport to the city centre.

Important note

Due to the current situation and the effects of the corona virus, we are adjusting the timetable for Vienna Airport Lines:

  • Since Wednesday, 18th March 2020, operations on the line VAL 3 (Donauzentrum - Airport Vienna) have been suspended.
  • Since Thursday, 19th March 2020, operations on the line VAL 2 (Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz - Airport Vienna) have been suspended.
  • The line VAL 1 is operating hourly between 04:30 and 00:30 starting Thursday, 19th March 2020, between Westbahnhof (via the main railway station) and Vienna International Airport.

Vienna Airport Lines travel quickly, directly and comfortably from Vienna Airport into Vienna city centre or Donaustadt and back.

Our buses offer first-class connections across the capital, with 10 stops on 3 different routes.

  • VAL 1: Departing once every half-hour, the VAL 1 route runs from Vienna Westbahnhof to Vienna Hauptbahnhof, then out to Vienna Airport.
  • VAL 2: Line VAL 2 will cease to operate on Thursday, March 19
    The VAL 2 route also departs once every half-hour. The journey from Morzinplatz/ Schwedenplatz to Vienna Airport takes just 20 minutes.
  • VAL 3: Line VAL 3 will cease to operate on Wednesday, March 18
    The VAL 3 route connects Donaustadt and Vienna Airport once an hour. This Vienna Airport Lines service stops off at the following points: Donauzentrum - Kagraner Brücke - Hotel NH Danube City - Kaisermühlen/ VIC (Austria Center) - Krieau (Messe Wien) - Donaumarina - Vienna Airport.

All our stops feature great links with Vienna’s wider public transport network - in most cases stopping directly outside an underground station.

Liniengrafik der Vienna Airport Lines

Details of the Vienna Airport Lines schedule (valid from 15 December 2019)

Valid since December 15, 2019, schedule changes reserved.
The terms and conditions of the ÖBB Postbus GmbH apply.
Validity from: December 2019

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